How to return an item using my own means of transport?

If you are returning an item from the EU:

If you haven’t received a return label, please <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="Beacon('open');Beacon('navigate', '/ask/')">contact us</a> so that we can send you a return label. Please note that Overcube cannot be liable for any theft or loss during transit, or any other costs associated, if you do send the item by your means of transport. For this reason we ask you to send your return to the address from the label on the front of your parcel and you keep the tracking number provided by the courier.

If you are returning an item from the UK:

You can return your order by your own means or, if you wish, you can use an Overcube return label, if you do choose to use our return label 20£ will be deducted from the refund amount. Contact us for more information.

When returning your parcel, please send them to:

Overcube, S.A. 
Rua Abílio Lopes das Neves, n.º 593
 Ponte 4805-214 Guimarães,