How do I return an item?

  1. Access your Overcube account and initiate your return, and choose the option that suits you best.
  2. Have your order collected at the same address of delivery and you will receive an automatic email with the collection details, or if you wish, you can also select a drop off point which suits you best.
  3. Please remember that the item needs to be in perfect conditions:
    1. Certify that the item has no use marks and that it is found without any visible damage;
    2. Ensure that the item is returned with its return label and, if applicable, all the brand accessories;
    3. Always, with the items original box.
  4. Place the item you want to return with all its accessories and original tags inside the brand’s box.
  5. Pack everything inside Overcube’s box and carefully seal it.
  6. The package will be collected at the place you selected and you are good to go.
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